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Donation Pickup Services

Stop!Don’t lift a finger to carry those heavy items or boxes of unwanted belongings from inside your home or office.

Are you unable to carry or remove items from your home that you would like to donate to a worthy cause?

Not to worry, we have teamed up with Goodwill Industries to haul away your donations. No need to set anything out by the curb or move it to your garage.

We will send a truck and the manpower to move your items from wherever you have them (attic, basement, shed, storage unit). Then we will load the items and deliver them to your local donation site. Your donation receipt from the charity will be mailed to you.

You don’t need to worry about us picking through your items and only taking the good stuff, we will take everything except hazardous materials. Items the Goodwill will not accept will be recycled or responsibly disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Our knowledgeable team will do all the sorting, lifting and moving.

Our minimum pickup fee starts at $75 and is based on how many items you have and how much room they will take on the truck.

How It Works

Our field manager will come give you an on-site estimate. If you are okay with the cost of removal all items will be taken while we are there. No need for a second trip.


Items We Can Recycle
Donation Pickup Guide

Book Online – Save $10

AWA Services book online.

We send a truck and the manpower to move your items from wherever you may have them stored: Office, attic, basement, garage, shed or storage unit

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We Donate or Recycle 85%

AWA Services recycle.

AWA Services cares about our community. With partners like Cross Electronic Recycling, we support non-profit organizations and reduce waste.

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We’ll take almost anything.

AWA Services hauls it all.

We clear your home or office of junk, trash, broken items, construction debris, old mattresses, couches, etc., quickly and efficiently.

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